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One integrated platform to empower speaking fluency

Discover how a single, integrated platform can get learners understanding and speaking your language content right away through repeated, meaningful use of your unique content.

Faster Course Creation

Quickly create beautiful, bite size, conversational lessons piece by piece.

Better On Demand Practice

Provide convenient and effective on demand practice activities, including speaking.

More Personalized Tutoring

Enable flexible and customizable tutoring sessions for all.

Drag the words – 10
Fill in the blanks – 20
Vocabulary – 3

Experience blended learning done right for learners and instructors.

Our guided templates promote real fluency conversation by conversation

AI voice dialog builder saves your time and cost by providing native voices library for more than 12 different languages

The comprehensible inputs enable active and interactive learning experiences

Customize a membership offer that is exclusive to your students.

Earn, consistent, recurring revenue with premium learning content available exclusively to paying subscribers.

Easy Checkout

It’s simple to subscribe to your system with our reliable single-page checkout.

Choose How to Collect Money

With our seamless integration of Stripe and Paypal payment gateways, you can select how you want to receive money.

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Experience blended learning done right for all.

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